Iris Cremer

Counselling Psychologist/Sex Therapist


Welcome to my website!

My name is Iris Cremer and I am a Counselling Psychologist.
Since 2008 I have worked with a number of individuals, couples & groups, in Scotland and Greece, providing them with a secure environment to unfold their thoughts and problems and find ways to better understand themselves and improve their everyday living. People from different age groups and nationalities challenged me professionally with the diversity of cultures which I happily welcomed and embraced in my practice.
My studies, BSc Psychology, University of Essex and MCoun/PG Dip in Counselling, University of Edinburgh, gave me the necessary tools and knowledge to begin my professional journey and shaped me as a therapist with an open mind and a solid code of ethics that always accompanies me.

Services provided:

CBT for Anxiety Disorders
Agoraphobia, Social anxiety, Special phobias, Panic disorder are the most common anxiety disorders in the general population. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the therapeutic approach found as the most effective to treat such disorders. CBT is a therapeutic approach that not only provides the space for talking and understanding of the patient’s problems, but also is giving practical ways to overcome the phobias and anxiety manifested. Along with my guidance and support we can design your personal, structured therapy, that will improve your quality of life.

Couple Therapy & Relationship issues
Couple therapy is provided to both partners coming together in therapy, offering an equal environment that focuses on the present issues that they bring. Couple therapy works with the couple’s dynamics, in the effort to improve their communication skills and understand and listen more of each other in order to revisit their relationship and reform it in a shape that is more functional for both of them.
Many times one of the partners is reluctant to come into therapy or quits the process in the middle of it. Therapy can begin, or continue, on an individual base in order to support the partner that struggles with the relationship issues.
*Couple therapy can become individual therapy, but it will continue as such if one partner has been absent for two consecutive sessions.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is provided to individuals or couples who wish to deal with their difficulties in their sexual lives. Dysfunctions can be caused, such as erectile dysfunction, delayed/absent/early ejaculation, pain during sexual intercourse, female orgasmic disorder, female interest/arousal disorder, male hypoactive desire disorder, due to a number of psychological reasons that stem from relationship problems, anxiety, lifestyle, distorted beliefs about sex. In Sex Therapy we explore and examine the aetiology behind each couple’s or individual’s sexual struggles and work on the practical issues as well, in order to improve the sexual functioning and the relationship balance.

Individual Counselling is provided to adults that bring a wide range of issues (e.g. life transitions, lack of self-confidence, personal or professional dilemmas, need of deeper self-understanding, self-improvement). Offering a space where you can use the time of the session as you wish, in a more unstructured way, we can explore together the thoughts that trouble you and find ways to unlock and manage the unknown territories of what will come next in your life.

Here to listen!
If you have a thought you would like to share, a question you would like to ask, or if you just wish to schedule a Session/Skype session, you can simply send an e-mail at . You will receive a reply within a few days.

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